Sirene's House Rules

  1. Never harm or show disrespect to myself, my significant other, any other member of my family, friends, or any welcome household guests.

  2. Hever harm any children or pets.

  3. Sexual contact is not permitted with me or anyone else.

  4. 1. **Never harm or show disrespect to myself, my significant other, any other member of my family, friends, or welcome household guests.** I don’t want any of my spirit family hurting each other, nor do I want them hurting any human or animal that is welcome in my house. **3. Never show yourself to anyone besides myself in your true form, unless your true form is something that would not scare them. (Example: If it is a child, appear as something child friendly.)** I have a few not so pleasant looking family members, or some beings that in their true form are pretty terrifying. I wouldn’t want them showing themselves to a child or an adult. **5. No physical manifestations at work in front of anyone but myself. Patients and coworkers are not to know about you.** Some of you may not need this, but I work with the public and don’t need a spirit manifestation scaring patients away. **6. Protect yourself at all times. If something comes up and I can do something about it, I will help.** **7. Do not hamper with communication.** This covers and includes communication between yourselves, or with me. If I am working specifically with one or with one group, I don’t need anyone else butting in and hampering that communication. Wait until I am done. **8. Do your part for the highest good of the household, including all spirits, entities, astral beings & other. All living people, spirits, entities, astral beings & other shall work at living together peacefully. Bullying wont be tolerated, if you have an issue, contact me.** **9. We work as a team, with me being the team leader. If you have suggestions, tell me. If you are unsure to my wishes, ask me or look within.** If they have doubts about something, my family is always welcome to “look within” for my wishes, if I am for some reason unavailable to ask. **10. No twisting my words.** **11. No lying. Do not pretend to be something/someone you are not. Do not make anything up to make someone else look bad.** **12. Disarm malicious magic that is sent my way by someone else or that is around by circumstance.** **13. Keep watch over property & always be ready to act against any pending issue.** **14. Help identify any possible conflicts. Help judge the character of people, spirits, entities, astral beings & other around us.** This has actually been a useful rule in several situations. Its really two rules condensed into one, as well, but its how I have it written in my notebook.