"Witches listen to the secrets of the Earth, work in harmony with the powers of the moon, and understand the longings of the human soul."Dacha Avelin

S3.1: Crystal Bible

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Crystal Shapes

Crystal Correspondences

Cleansing Crystals

Charging Crystals

Caring for Crystals

Crystal Shapes

Charges Crystals, Radiates Energy, Meditation, Unity

Grounding, Meditation, Connects to the Energy of the Earth

Absorbs Energy, Emits Energy, Transmits Information

Fertility, Stability, Healing, Balance, Great for Meditation, New Beginnings

Amplifies Energy, Conserves Energy, Releases Energy, Internal Healing

Sends Love

Dissipates Negativity

Grounding, Healing

Amplifies Energy

Focuses Energy, Removes Blockages, Manifestation, Amplifies Energy, Prosperity

Strong Energy, Sporadic Energy, Pure Energy

Strong Energy, Pure Energy

Manifest Intentions

Harmony and Energy All Around, Scrying

Gentle Energy, Constant Energy

Directing Energy, Drawing Negative Energy Away from Yourself, Activating Crystal Grids

Crystal Correspondences

  • Abalone: Compassion, Healing, Love, Peace, Soothes Nerves

  • Adventurine: Prosperity, Well-Being, Luck

  • Agate: Health, Prevents Nightmares, Protection, Courage

  • Amazonite: Confidence, Self-Love, Creative Expression, Peace

  • Amber: Protection, Calming, Cleansing

  • Amethyst: Healing, Reduces Anxiety, Protection, Happiness, Calming

  • Angelite: Divine Love, Gentleness, Healing

  • Aquamarine: Insight, Cleansing

  • Aventurine:

  • Black Tourmaline: Banishing, Protection, Security, Prevents Nightmares

  • Black Salt: Protection

  • Bloodstone:

  • Blue Adventurine: Hope, Clear Speech, Empathy

  • Blue Calcite: Serenity, Restoration, Releasing Stress

  • Carnelian: Happiness, Passion, Sexual Energy, Creativity, Mental Efficiency, Courage

  • Calcite: Love, Calming, Cleansing

  • Clear Quartz: Healing, Awareness, Amplifying Energym Clarity, Success

  • Citrine: Prosperity, Success, Brightness, Positive Energy, Cleansing, Happiness, Protection

  • Emerald: Prevents Nightmares

  • Fluorite: Renewal, Harmony, Energizing, Concentration, Cleansing, Calming, Absorption of New Information

  • Garnet: Self-Esteem, Victory, Eternal Love

  • Green Adventurine: Prosperity

  • Hematite: Courage, Inner Strength, Grounding, Calming

  • Howlite: Calming, Compromise, Sleep

  • Jade: Health

  • Jet:

  • Labradorite: Insight, Awakening Joy, Interdimensional Travel, Innovation

  • Lapis Lazuli: Insight, Psychic Vision, Celestial Energy, Nobility, Wisdom

  • Larimar:

  • Lepidolite: Prevents Nightmares

  • Malachite: Wealth, Beauty, Individuality, Travel, Prevents Nightmares

  • Moonstsone: Insight, Intuition, Sensuality, Safe Travel, New Beginnings, Love, Acceptance of Change

  • Moss Agate: Contentment, Connection with Nature

  • Obsidian: Protection, Banishing

  • Onyx: Blocking Negativity, Patience, Determination, Protection

  • Peridot: Relationships, Growth

  • Pink Salt: Love

  • Pyrite: Success, Shielding, Money, Courage

  • Red Jasper: Strength, Love, Stability

  • Rhodonite: Forgiveness, Relationships, Overcoming

  • Rose Quartz: Love, Self-Love, Emotional Healing, Compassion, Happiness

  • Ruby: Productivity

  • Sapphire: Relationships

  • Sea Salt: Healing

  • Selenite: Purification, Peace, Enlightenment, Success

  • Serpentine: Hidden Mysteries, Observation, Instinct

  • Smokey Quartz: Protection, Banishing, Prevents Nightmares, Repels Negativity, Cleansing

  • Sodalite: Communication, Self-Expression, Truth, Calming, Emotional Balance

  • Sunstone: Happiness, Leadership, Generosity, Blessing

  • Tiger's Eye: Success, Willpower, Warrior's Spirit, Travel, Self-Motivation, Communication, Courage, Calming

  • Tourmaline:

  • Turquoise: Communication, Cleansing

  • Unakite Attraction, Resolving Conflice, Healing the Past

  • Zircon:

Cleansing Crystals

Information on how to cleanse crystals here.

Charging Crystals

Information on how to charge crystals here.

Caring for Crystals



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