"Witches listen to the secrets of the Earth, work in harmony with the powers of the moon, and understand the longings of the human soul."Dacha Avelin

S3.7: Color Correspondences

Page Contents:

S3.7-1: General Colors
S3.7-2: Candle Colors

General Colors

  • Red: Passion, Health, Defense

  • Orange: Attraction, Success, Courage

  • Yellow: Happiness, Confidence, Visualization, Intelligence, Communication

  • Green: Money, Healing, Fertility

  • Blue: Serenity, Spirituality, Higher Self

  • Purple: Spirituality, Magic, Ambition

  • Pink: Love, Friendship, Self-Love, Emotional Ties

  • White: Purity, Clarity, Protection

  • Black: Protection, Absorbs Negativity

  • Brown: Earth, Harmony

  • Gold: Money, Business, Prosperity

  • Silver: Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Personal Growth

  • Bronze: Business, Rewards, Professional Growth

Candle Colors

  • Cluster: Charges Crystals, Radiates Energy, Meditation, Unity

  • Cube: Grounding, Meditation, Connects to the Energy of the Earth

  • Double Terminated: Absorbs Energy, Emits Energy, Transmits Information